13 Must-try Filipino Food for your Panlasang Pinoy taste buds

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Filipinos offer not only excellent hospitality, great and breath-taking sceneries and place, but visiting the Philippines also pleasure’s your tastes buds because of the several numbers of exquisite and mouth-watering dishes.

In this article, let’s dig deeper into Philippine’s gastronomy with this delicious Filipino food that you should definitely try when you visit this enchanting country – and experience the real “PanlasangPinoy”


Are you excited? So am i, so let’s get started.


Delicious Filipino Food


Best Food #1: Chicken Adobo (The Philippine’s famous dish)

Besides hospitality, the Filipino also offers unique dishes and delicacies – and one of the most popular one (and loved by almost everyone) is the Chicken Adobo. The term Adobo came from the Spanish word which means marinade and it basically means chicken (or sometimes pork) typically marinated in a combination of vinegar and soya sauce. There is a wide variety of adobo across the nation, different version depending on the ingredients and recipes – but all shares the same goal, to give someone something to definitely come back for.


Best Food #2: Balut (Filipino weird street food)

Balut is maybe the weirdest food on the list, but many people love it. I say weird because it is basically duck embryo boiled and eaten as a street food snack that is splashed with vinegar and sprinkled with salt. This bad boy is the strangest of them all and always raises eyebrows with both every local and foreigner.

Surprisingly, balut is also gained its popularity among other Asian countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. The typical age of a duck embryo is usually 17 days that was the time when the chick is not old enough to develop their body parts such as claws, feathers, beak, and underdeveloped bones.


Best Food #3: Longganisa (The Filipino-Style Sausage)

If you do really love eating sausage, then you should definitely try Longganisa. This Filipino dish is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. It is originally traced its roots to Spain which is a pork sausage that is seasoned with different spices such as cinnamon, paprika, garlic, and vinegar – wake up in the morning with the delicious smell and taste of this Filipino-style sausage before exploring the wonders of the Philippines.


Best Food #4: Lechon (All-time favorite dish)

Basically, Lechon is one of the most famous Filipino food out there mainly because of its crispiness, tenderness, and oozing pork meat that no words can describe how mouth-watering it was. The roasted pig is served on any events or occasions in the Philippines, whether is a birthday, wedding, parties and most especially during fiestas where people gather to celebrate certain festivals or harvests – you could indulge the lechon’s deliciousness in Cebu City.


Best Food #5: Sisig (The perfect wine and beer partner)

This dish is basically made from pig’s ear, belly, and liver, strange at it seems, Sisig is a delicious appetizer that is typically seasoned with chili peppers and calamansi (or lime juice). This is typically served in a very hot or sizzling pot that perfectly patterned with rice or even beer. Great texture, delicious taste – what more would you want for?


Best Food #6: Pancit (Perfect noodle dish for any events)

The Chinese traditions have touched the Filipino culture especially when it comes to food. One of the Chinese contributions is the Pancit. This delicious noodle dish is made from different rice noodles that are typically seasoned with salt, pepper, fish sauce, soy sauce, and calamansi.


Best Food #7: Bibingka (Sweet Filipino delicacy)

When it comes to delicious and sweet delicacies, Filipino can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings – and one of those is the Bibingka. This famous Filipino delicacy is basically made with coconut milk (which is an extremely common fruit in the Philippines) wrapped in layers of banana leaf and baked in the traditional way. It is typically topped with butter and best to eat while it’s hot.


Best Food #8: Kare Kare (Filipino-style stew)

The Philippine is the land of spices and great vegetation – to experience the taste of Filipino vegetables in one pot, you should absolutely try the Kare Kare which is a classic Filipino stew. The dish typically consists of tripe, eggplants, oxtail, and other vegetables. It is best served with peanut butter and shrimp paste or Bagoong – it can truly give you an exquisite taste.


Best Food #9: Kinilaw (The Filipino version of raw fish salad)

If you tried the Peruvian dish called ceviche, then you should probably know what Kinilaw does tastes like. It typically consists of raw fish, calamansi, and vinegar. The acidic juice is believed to “cook” the fish meat and here’s a fun fact – law in Filipino means eaten raw or fresh, well that explains a lot doesn’t it?

Most chefs also created their own version of Kinilaw using several ingredients such as pepper, onion, chili, ginger, and garlic.


Best Food #10: Sinigang (Sour soup of the Philippines)

You see, most Filipino foods are typically very oily which is why to balance it, you might want to try the sourness of the Sinigang soup which calms your tummy down. It is basically cooked with any ingredients such as seafood (most commonly milkfish or bangus), pork, or beef. Sinigang can be compared to the tom yum of Thailand and hot and sour soup of Hong Kong.

The ingredients may also vary depending on the taste of the chef but typically it consists of green beans, spinach, green mango, tomatoes, and the secret ingredient – the tamarind. The delicious sourness of this dish is a great food for waking up those sleepy head.


Best Food #11: Kaldereta (Another delicious Filipino-style stew)

The meatiness and rich soup (or almost paste-like) texture of the Kaldereta truly make the Filipino food unique. If you love to eat hearty meaty stews then trying this dish will definitely please your taste buds as the rich flavor of carrots, tomato, liver sauce, potatoes, capsicums, and of course the lamb meat combines.


Best Food #12: Filipino Barbeque (Tender juicy wonders of the Philippines)

Almost all country has their own version of barbeque – and the Philippine has also joined the game. If you’re tired of eating fast food and Chinese foods, then try the Bacolod chicken and taste its amazing deliciousness. It is also best served with special thick sauces or even the combination of Filipino condiments including soy sauce, chili, and calamansi (Filipino lime) – if you want to enjoy and experience the real “Panlasang Pinoy” you should eat it without using any spoon or fork, yes, only by hand.


Best Food #13: Crispy Pata (Crispiness and Tenderness in one bite)

Pork is one of the most popular ingredients in Filipino dishes and clearly, people of the Philippines are obsessed with it. If you’re a fan of pork, then you should probably try Crispy Pata, as the name implies, the crispiness of the data or pork leg is typically deep fried to perfection and seasoned with the combination of chili, calamansi, and soy sauce.




The Philippine is termed as the “The pearl of the orient seas” and with its rich cultures, history, and traditions offer the visitors something to come back for. From breath-taking and splendid views and archipelagos to delicious and exquisite “Panlasang Pinoy” dishes – people will definitely say – “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

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